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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Goals and things —

Many of us work better with goals and deadlines - I know I certainly do - so I was keen to link up with Patty D (Elm St Quilts) for March's OMG (one monthly goal) lineup. Sadly, I didn't meet my goal of meeting the deadline for linking up (hehe say that with a mouthful!) but I'm putting my goal out there anyway in the hope that I wlll be spurred on to meet it!
Last year when I wrote about this quilt, it was as a OMG too - that goal was just to get a bit more quilting done on it - which did happen - this time the goal is for it to be FINISHED!!
I've shared this photo before but this is what I'm working on.
I'm part way through the quilting; I've been doing a bit here and a bit there. The neutral coloured thread I'm using for it is the same thread I've used for several other projects over the last few months so that's made it easy to dive in and out of it.
Here it is poised, ready to go.....wish me luck
(and good planning).

Another goal I had recently was to get a baby quilt made. There is a new baby girl due in our neighbourhood very soon (overdue by 6 days right now) and I decided she would need a quilt.  I had a spare day so set myself the goal of making it THAT day.
Many of you know that it takes me months to make a quilt so, even though this is small sized, it could have been classed as an ambitious plan.
I was organised with my pattern and the fabric, most of which was cut, and got to work. There were a few (or more) interruptions but the day unfolded very nicely and -yaay- I met my goal!
Ready to Sew!
Getting there....!
You can see it was dark outside when I got the top done!
A good day's work :-)
The pattern I used was TicTacWho by Joanne, the Canuck Quilter. I have loved this pattern since she first released it so I am pleased that I've finally had the opportunity to make it!
A day's worth of simple quilting (what more do you need on a baby quilt?!) is in my near future as I'm sure that wee girl won't keep her parents waiting for ever!

Hmm, now what else have I been up to? Can you guess?
Yes, some foundation piecing. I tested another block for Juliet of Tartankiwi this week. This will form part of her 'On the wire' club and is the most adorable wee house wren. 
 The previous blocks  I tested for this series were 12" finished size but this one is just 6". (There are various options on each pattern; as testers we get asked to make a certain variation). I love it and have plans to re-make my others in this size too. Find out more about Juliet's pattern club *here*
The latest is a quarter the size of my first ones!
Very cute.

I had the goal of getting this blogpost written on Wednesday - or even Thursday - to link up with Julie and Linda's fortnightly Sew, Stitch, Snap and Share blogposts. Luckily they've kept the link-up open long enough for me to join in! Feel free to visit and share in some bloggy creativity.

Well, I've got more than enough quilting to keep me busy so maybe I'd better go and do some :-)
I hope you all have a very happy weekend,
Happy stitches,

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A finish and FNwF

With a few completed stitchery blocks under my belt lately, I decided it was time to give some attention to my Evandale quilt, which has seen little progress lately. Last time I blogged about it, I was making the stars for the main border blocks.
When I pulled out my Evendale box, I discovered several star blocks in different stages. I'd made a whole lot of the inner stars and had spent some time working out which fabrics to use where, to complete the blocks. Which made it an easy ufo to get back into - all I had to do was pick it up and sew, rather than try to remember where I was at and make decisions.
My latest-nearly finished - star block
Friday Night with Friends saw me (nearly) completing the second block this week. And then it will be some more rummaging to complete the last few star blocks. Progress feels great!!!
This week's work.
Pop over to Cheryll's blog to see what out creativeness other crafters got up to on Friday night. Thank you for hosting us Cheryll :-)

I had a finish in February which I haven't yet shared. For the last 'little while' I've had this wavy crochet afghan on the go (I've just looked up my Ravelry page and see I started it on June 8th 2015). It started as a road trip project and as a way to use up ends of balls of wool. I had a vision of a scrappy colourful blanket. One that grandkids will remember for years to come. My dreams of using up all my scraps of wool did not come true as I'm sure I've still got enough leftover to make another one! (Just like my fabric scraps that multiply behind my back).
My photo shoot got off to a slow start —
Animals started appearing.....a chicken, the sheep and the pig....
How appropriate - wooly sheep with a wooly blanket....
..then I tried to get them to pose properly by feeding them grapevine leaves
but they didn't do what I wanted them to do!
(Don't they say, never work with animals...?!)
I moved around the corner, leaving the pets to munch on the leaves

It was breezy around this side of the house so I still couldn't
get a 'proper' shot.
Ended up with this 'interesting' shot :-)
We had a fun little birthday dinner for the MOML last night. Always great to have an excuse to get the family together. As well as both our daughters and their hubbies, we had their furbabies attend. So that's 3 extra puppies (3 months to 6 months old) running around having a grand old time with our 2 resident dogs. Not all are allowed inside, but whether they were in or out, they entertained themselves and us hugely. Our wee chap spent some time growling at the youngest pup - not letting him come up the stairs to see his mum and dad.
This was the sight that greeted me this morning when I first got up! Believe me, I had vacuumed before they came!
YD is well known in our family for her fun and creative birthday cakes. Here's what she whipped up yesterday - isn't it cool?
Funny how people were asking for a bit of rump steak or some oxtail when I was serving it up!

We went out to the back of the farm for some stock work this morning but I'm looking forward to this afternoon here in my Palace...maybe a bit of tidying, maybe a bit of quilting - who knows what I will find to work on?!!
Happy stitches,

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Another week....another month...

At the start of the year I made a quiet resolution to myself to blog more frequently. Blogging remains my favourite form of social media. I enjoy the more indepth 2-way conversations, the stories and the friendships forged.
And because I mostly only use my PC for 'internet stuff' it's the easiest thing for me to do too.
But I am failing in my bid to blog more often.... January was only 3 posts and here I am only just squeezing in a 4th for the month...maybe I can kid myself that because it's a short month I'm doing OK's just the way the cookie crumbles I guess!

So what have I been up to?
With the warmer evenings, the MOML and I have been sitting up a bit later this month and I've chewed through more stitching than I usually do  —
I've finished the hand stitching on the Fig 'n' Berry project I started on retreat.
This will get sewn up into a wee pencil case which will be very pack pencils and markers for retreat I ended up using my rotary cutter case..... it was not easy to get the pencil sharpener or rubber out of the bottom!
I've finished up a few more blocks for Ruth's Quilt, a Leanne Beasley design, which we are doing here on the No Fuss Sewalong blog. These are lovely wee stitcheries which don't take too much brainpower and nice to do in moments where my fingers would otherwise be idle.
Here is a close up of one of the blocks. I think the petals are supposed to be done with backstitch but I decided I'd rather do (the very much quicker) lazy-daisy stitch!
And I've completed my first block for Woodland Wonderland mystery quilt. I couldn't resist signing up for this one; something I told myself I wasn't going to do...!
(Sorry the colours aren't showing very well today!)
Daytime sewing feels like it hasn't been nearly as productive but I do have a few photos to share so I guess I've done better than I thought!
I've completed the pig block for the Barnyard quilt I am remaking for work. I performed a bit of surgery to improve the snouts I'd initially done and am a lot happier with them now.
Eyes will come after it's quilted.

And lately I've tested some patterns for Juliet of Tartankiwi... I've done a fair bit of testing for her in the past but not for a while. Juliet designs foundation pieced patterns of all shapes and sizes; a lot, but but not all of them, are animals. I find her patterns well designed and written and I've enjoyed putting these wee birds together for her.
This is the NZ Rock Wren
This is the Red Backed Fairy Wren.
Another Red Backed Fairy Wren...I thought I'd try it with the different background.
The whiter more snowy looking one didn't seem to suit an Australian bird so well!
They form part of the On the Wire Pattern Club she is running this year.

One reason I want to blog more often is so my posts don't get so long.....oh well, thanks for seeing me through to the end,
Best be off,
Happy stitches,